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Sunday, February 24, 2008

February update

Hmmmm...I didn't realize it's been 2 months since I posted last. It's been horribly cold here and that means that both RL and I are not as active. Sometimes I think I want to run around and get outside but the pads on my paws get really cold and I decide I want to come back in right away.
We've had a lot of snow, too. Last week I was saying "hi" to Larry at the back fence....the place where the garden is built up....and I found out that with all the snow piled up there, I could jump right over! RL and Larry got busy right away and strung up some kind of green mesh so I couldn't do it again. But I'll just wait until they forget about it and try another side of the yard.
It has warmed up a bit and RL has got it into her head that it's time to groom me again. She takes me outside and has a pocket full of ham and cheese, but I still hate it. I do look incredibly beautiful when she's done though.

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BookGirl said...

Take it from a Shih Tzu, Bella, being beautiful is hard work. I don't care so much, since I'm a mountain Shih Tzu, but my (pesty) new little sister, Coco, tells me I'm getting too scraggly, so I guess I'll be getting groomed sometime soon too.

BG says Coco is named for Coco Chanel, whoever that is, and BG says that's why Coco likes to look pretty. I think it's just a matter of time before she turns into a mountain puppy too. Wait and see.

Your pal,