Notes from Bella, the neurotic Beardie

Saturday, October 20, 2007

RL is acting weird

RL and I have a routine every morning. She comes downstairs and puts water onto boil and then lets me outside for a minute. If I hear a truck I'll go in the basement right away, otherwise sometimes I hang out in the kitchen until RL makes her coffee and she tells me how sweet I am and scruffles my ears. It's quiet and nice and I like it.
But lately, RL is acting weird. She's been playing music really loud and sometimes flailing her arms and legs around the kitchen. Then she picks up my front paws and we dance together (I have to admit I sort of like that.) She'll even start singing out loud...and I mean really loud...and it's not a pretty sound. I usually go into the living room to get out of her way but I can't lie down and relax while she's doing this. Who knows what she's going to do next? I can't decide if I should go to the basement where it's safe or watch to be sure that she's not having a medical problem. Can dogs call 911?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The iPod Paw

RL loves almost everything that Apple does (almost, she reminds me). I was happy to show her this video but I still don't think it looks very fun.