Notes from Bella, the neurotic Beardie

Friday, August 24, 2007

Is this dumb or what?

Sometimes I like to climb into RL's lap...well, just my front paws...while she's on the computer. This afternoon I saw this and I asked her what that poor dog had done to deserve to be put in a glass bowl. She said it was something that dogs could have so that they could see out of their fences. I'm not sure what she fence is nothing but wire and holes. And so is BFF's. And my friends in Wisconsin don't even have a fence. And what's the good of seeing without being able to smell what's going on. Anyway, I think it's really dumb.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Looking Lovely

It's been really hot here for the last week so RL has let me hang out in the basement. She says she's worried about all the time I spend down there, but it's my hangout now, what can I say? She had a friend over the other night and I barked at them for nearly an hour inviting them to come down and see me, so she can't accuse me of not being social. I finally had to come up and get some attention from her friend on the porch.
You may remember that RL and I have a difference of opinion about grooming. She says I have to do it, I say I don't. But we seem to be working on our differences. RL has 2 new brushes for me which don't hurt nearly as much. I know the one in the middle looks scary, but it's my favorite. She also brings a baggie of steak for long did it take for her to figure that part out? Sometimes she's not nearly as smart as I want her to be.