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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Helping RL

Every morning, RL makes coffee and lets me go outside for a few minutes. Usually I hear something scary in the neighborhood and decide to head down to the basement to be sure and stay safe. But sometimes I look for RL to see if she can help. If I put my head in her lap, she strokes my ears and tells me everything is all right.
Most mornings she's got her computer in her lap, but I just put my head on top of the keyboard so she's sure to see me. She says that she's reading other blogs and keeps track of them with the list over on the left. This morning I looked at her list and could see that she hadn't read hundreds of posts yet, so I found the right key for her and cleared all of them out.
She gave me a kiss on my nose, but said that I really hadn't helped. She said she's going to keep me away from the keyboard from now on.

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BookPuppy said...

Bella, I try to help Steven with his computer too, but he doesn't seem to like it either. And every once in a while I walk across BG's laptop, and she doesn't seem happy about it. I still haven't figured out what the big fuss is about.